Thanks for visiting IFI (The Israel Franchise Institute). In a nutshell, our vision is to bring a new and refreshing approach of franchising to Israel based on International Best Practices.

For starters, we have recently introduced the “first of its kind” franchise portal (FRANCHOOSE) to the Israeli franchise community. Here, prospective Franchisees and Master Franchise Licensees can be exposed to successful international brands such as yourselves. Our major differentiation in Israel, is that our visitors are encouraged to connect and reach out directly to you, without having to hire an agent or broker, who as you know, may often take your potential franchisee to your competitors. Due to our strategic partnership with the most read “on-line” business newspaper in Israel – CALCALIST, together with our aggressive advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, SEO, and our talented online marketing colleagues, you get to access our combined monthly reach of over 20,000 prospective franchisees, or individuals who are thinking about franchising as their next career choice.

Now a little more information on retail in Israel and our vibrant economy. The Israeli population is now close to 8.7 Million (2017). The GDP per capita in Israel is now at $43,199 (nominal; 2019), growing at a rate of 4.4% per year (Economist: The World on 2018, pg. 117). Israel is nicknamed “The Start Up Nation”, second in the world (in start ups), to the Silicone Valley in California. The average Israeli family travels 2-3 times a year on overseas vacations, and our property ownership market is thriving, despite the very high cost to own ones own property, which is considered to be amongst the most expensive in the world. When adding up these factors, its easy to understand why the Israeli economy is so vibrant, exciting, young and innovative, with lots of disposable income being spent on luxury, fashion and food.

Franchising also plays a major role in our vibrant economy. We now have around 300 franchise brands selling franchises in Israel, and Master Franchise licenses is definitely something many Israeli’s would love to learn about. Also, bearing in mind that franchising in Israel is not yet regulated by law, selling a franchise or master franchise license is relatively simple (no FDD prerequisites etc).

In the light of the above, IFI (The Israel Franchise Institute), is positioned to act as your strategic bridge between you and your prospective Franchisees or Master Franchise Licensees. From as little as $200 a month, you can list your franchise on FRANCHOOSE with a complete mini site (or online franchise brochure) both in English and in Hebrew, including a video, short and detailed explanation, and with all the prospective franchisees being automatically redirected to you. We also have several additional options to enhance your exposure via our strategic partnership with online business newspapers, targeted Facebook campaigns and more.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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